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VINI VICI | Namaste X Great Spirit | After Movie @ Kolkata, India
DishTV x Durga Pujo 2022 | Dhang Kura Kur | Iman Chakraborty
'ফারিস্তা' [Farishta] - A Motivational Bengali Short Film
'Beauty & The Beast' | Teaser 1 | Short Film | Aratrika | Avishek | Doozy Studioz, 2022
'Beauty & The Beast' #shortfilm #thriller #festivalnominated | Avishek | Aratrika | Doozy Studioz
'সেতু/Shetu - The Bridge' | A Documentary Film on Cyclone Amphan | Sundarban, India | Doozy Studioz
'Fundamentals' | Social Awareness Documentary Film | Children Rights
'বনবিবি' (Bonobibi) | Based on Bonobibir Panchali | SANAI | Doozy Studioz
রাজবাড়ির আত্মকথা [An Autobiography of a Palace] | A brief history of Itachuna Rajbari
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We proudly offer turn-key Media Production Solutions. Creativity intrigues us so much that we have made it our ultimate motto. Shaping up the story, and turning your thoughts into reality with the collaboration of innovation is our lookout at the doozy studioz. Founded in 2018 and based in Kolkata, our Studio is a team of young and innovative technicians, well-equipped with over ten years of freelance experience in their respective fields. Our first and foremost lookout is ensuring clients' satisfaction and guaranteeing assured results.

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Image by Peter Gargiulo


turnkey media solutions


It all begins with an idea, and we’re full of ‘em! Whether you have a concept in mind or are in need of a full creative treatment, this is where the light bulbs go off.


The moment that we’ve all been waiting for, when the plan is put in motion. Our expert videography crew hits the scene with lights, cameras, and ready for action!


It takes a lot of work to go from the page to the screen, so we begin to plan, plot, and place: pre-produce if you will. The gears start turning, and we’re on our way!


Here is where everything comes together to form the story that we set out to tell. Our editors consider, cut, and connect the pieces from production to create something compelling.


We know what we are going to do, and how we are going to do it, but we need the pieces to make it happen. If your project calls for it, we’ll source people, props, and places.


At the end of the process, the final polish is put on your project: audio mixing, color-grading, and any other necessary techie processes to make your video sparkle.

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